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    • 2. News
      Got any news to share with us? Promote particular events, tell us about your projects, inspire others and/or spread your concerns!  Post information here about: 1. general social political news, 2. A training event, 3. Special events, 4. Event feedback.
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    • 3. Personal Action
      Tell us about the actions you have taken to have better habits or change particular views and beliefs!
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    • 5. Civil Action
      Tell us about any civil action you have taken in your community! This could involve: Private enterprises, social enterprises, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) such as industry, factories, shops (restaurants, bars, supermarkets, games, clothes, electronics, entertainment), the Red Cross, Scouts, and religious organisations.
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    • 6. Political Action
      Tell us about action you have taken in your community that has some level of government involvement. Issues that affect the general public, such as: Food and Drink, Energy, Travel and traffic, purchasing and waste, green areas and architecture, Inclusion and participation.  Perhaps, you have affected/changed public policies, local laws, ordinances and directives.  Topics could include: waste, bullying, animal welfare, parks, pollution, emergency systems, etc.
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    • 7. Combined Action
      Tell us about something that combined two or more types of action. For example, a Bicycle Project. Create a bicycle lane coming in to the school from main road (community) and a bike hut in the school (campus).
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