We believe that every citizen, especially students, have a special way to help shape their community in a systemic way.   We can all take action that is not meaningless, mindless or momentary but really significant, a change that is engaging and lasts, something – systemic.

Systemic action includes changing:

  • A person’s belief

  • A personal habit

  • A school policy

  • A private company policy

  • A public policy through the government

Every person from Kinder to grade 12 and beyond can develop particular concepts, skills, values and practices in the related areas.  We believe that the best education is not learning only about social action, but through social action, education for and through Sustainable Development.  It is through this that citizens use the highest  thinking skills of evaluation, synthesis, problem solving and “actuation” (where what you study leads to a social action on behalf of a wider community).  Sustainable action includes action about environmental sustainability, social justice and economic justice.  Students have an active role  to participate in how a school runs and develops in it curriculum, campus and community. All adults in the wider community also have a key role in shaping how our community develops.