Terms and Conditions

When you post a resource if you can be as specific as possible it will make it easier for people to search for specific items, e.g. ‘School’, ‘curriculum’, ‘Waste’.

The only area for you to post anything is through the ‘forum’.  Everything posted here will automatically get moved into the central data base, the ‘news’ section or ‘action area resources’.   Resources will automatically get organized into the categories of ‘personal, school, civil, or public political action’.

Author follow-up and Academic honesty:

Everything that gets posted here is ‘open source’ and available for other people to use.  Please ensure that the author of each resource is clear, so that it is easy to follow-up with that person should there be the need to and so that credit can be given to that person or organization.  Usage: please give due credit whenever material is used or reproduced.

Video files cannot be uploaded here, but youtube links can be listed.

I am aware that:

It is unethical and criminal to falsify another person’s identify.

It is unethical and criminal to attack someone or an organization without any basis – this is slander.

However upset or emotive a user feels about an issue, I understand that swear words or abusive language in general are not permitted to be posted.  The moderator will remove any postings which contain abusive language.  In the event of repeated offenses the moderator will warn the user and then remove and bar that user upon further offense.

I understand and agree to the above terms for posting.